APIs CheatsheetΒΆ

The Full API Reference can be found in handbook.

  • connect_server(hostname,username,password): Connect to Apache backend TDengine Service.

  • query_data(connection,cursor,database_name,table_name,start_time,end_time): Query data from table table_name in database database_name within a given time range.

  • algorithm_selection(algorithm_name,contamination): Select an algorithm as detector.

  • fit(X): Fit X to detector.

  • predict(X): Predict if instance in X is outlier or not.

  • decision_function(X): Output the anomaly score of instances in X.

  • output_performance(algorithm_name,ground_truth,prediction_result,outlierness_score): Output the prediction result as evaluation matrix in Accuracy, Precision, Recall, F1 Score, ROC-AUC Score, Cost time.

  • visualize_distribution(X,prediction_result,outlierness_score): Visualize the detection result with the the data distribution.

  • visualize_outlierscore(outlierness_score,prediction_result,contamination) Visualize the detection result with the outlier score.